🌞 Summery thoughts and eggs 🥚

by | Jan 30, 2021

Hello reader,

Are you like me and wish it was the time of the year for waking up to sunshine at 7am?  Granted, that time of the year also comes with mosquitos and humidity, but let’s just not think about those things yet, shall we? 😆

Today I decided to dig through my pictures and find some nice summery farm pictures to share. I’m sure we are all getting a little tired of just snow and cold.

Makes you realize just exactly how much you miss the color green, doesn’t it? 😉

I also thought I’d talk about eggs today (as delicious as just plain bacon is…🥓)

Did you know that chickens’ eggs laying is connected with how much daylight there is? 

Chickens lay best with at least 14 hours of daylight, so that means that if they aren’t given any additional light during the winter, they basically stop laying. 😏

That was happening a lot here in the last few years.

The summer before our 2nd child was born (she’s 10 now…) we built a chicken coop on the back of an old grain truck. I even built a website about it (maybe some of you remember this….good grief, time flies 🙄…)

But over time and with 3 additional children being born, the truck went into disarray and the chickens were definitely NOT laying their best.

I’m so done buying eggs winter after winter when there are 40 hens outside, so this year, I moved all the chickens into the barn with the pigs. With the extra warmth from the pigs, and leaving on a barn light all the time, we’ve been in eggs all winter so far!

It’s definitely not as quaint and unique as the chicken truck, but until we can get the truck fixed back up again, this is fantastic and I’m 100% positive the chickens are much happier in a larger area with a little warmth and a light. 😍

We love visitors!

If you would like a dozen farm fresh eggs, stop on by!  $3/dozen.

(During these winter months, even with a light, laying is not as high as summer…let me know a couple days in advance to make sure I have enough saved for you. 🥰)

And here’s an easy, delicious recipe to go with your eggs and a favorite choice of pork!

Good Morning Eggbake

From all of us here at Piggery Run Farm, with 2 feet or 4 feet,
we hope you stay warm this cold last week of January!
(Celebrate it with your own pet selfie. 😉)

Naomi and the gang

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