🐤 Picking up chicks with Gerald

by | Apr 3, 2021

Hello friend!

Do you see this?

That, my friend, is SPRING!

I hope it’s coming to your world like it’s coming to ours! 😊

Baby animals

The animals are growing as fast as the grass/clovers around here!

The baby chicks in the garage needed to get out, but the polydome calf hut they usually go into at this age had the bottle pigs in it. 

Two of them headed to the barn with the others, but Gerald was still a little small, so he got to stay.

So here he is, “picking up chicks”.

(We have to use that phrase at least once every spring. 🤣 )

Can you see him?  He’s a little black and white pig in with a bunch of black and white chicks. 😉

He’s grown quite a lot stronger in the last week since the first picture was taken, so today he can go down to the barn to play with the rest of the piglets. 

Bottle piglets are always fun, and super tame and friendly from being handled by humans so much. Here’s a picture of one of the kids taking the 3 of them for a walk. With Gyp, the dog. 😃

And speaking of piglets….wowsers have the babies gotten big!  They are just a month old now and happily learning how to dig in the dirt with their mothers.

Their next stage of life will be coming up in about 3 weeks when they will be separated from their mothers and then picked up and taken to other farms with folks who are anxious to see and take care of them. 

(If the separation from mom part sounds sad, don’t worry…the moms start working on it on their own in the upcoming days/weeks…it’s stressful taking care of so many and I think they are happy to let them go. The babies do alright too…the nursing becomes a tight fit as they get older…)

It’s always a little sad to see them go, but our farm is simply not being enough to have 50+ pigs here all time 😯 so we will share the pig love to others. 😍

And last but not least, here as an awesome recipe for a ham glaze that will take any delicious ham and turn it into a piece of extra wonderfulness!  Super easy and quick to make!

From all of us here at Piggery Run Farm, with 2 feet or 4 feet,
we wish you a blessed rest of Holy Week and upcoming Easter! ✝

Naomi and the gang

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