🌲 Merry Christmas 2020

by | Dec 27, 2020

Hello reader,

We here at Piggery Run Farm hope that you had a lovely Christmas!

It even turned out to be a white Christmas after all!

I’m not sure what I really think of that…I was certainly enjoying the 50 degree temperature and the lack of Minnesota mud or ice….that was certainly a treat for mid-December!  The animals all enjoy the warmer winter weather too.

Take a look at the pigs, active as ever, below! 


I have been having all sorts of fun lately, looking for and trying out pork related recipes. 

Check out this one, a re-creation of a yummy college days cafeteria special (but *spoiler alert* doesn’t taste the true “cafeteria food”!)

BLT Spread

It’s an easy to make and fast to eat bacon-filled treat!
Other farm happenings
Goosey is thrilled that I set up a heater in her swimming pool this winter. Those goose feet must be much better insulated than my human feet!

This hen went broody this past week. (This means that she’s decided it’s the right time to sit on a nest and hatch eggs.) 

This is pretty unusual for this time of the year as it most definitely NOT the right temperatures and weather conditions to successfully raise a clutch of little chicks.  She was broody most of last summer (frustrating since that also means she’s not laying eggs herself…) and when it happened, I put her into her own cage out in bright sunlight. Supposedly that “de-broodifies” chickens.  It worked occasionally…otherwise, when let her back out again, she’d jump right back into the nesting boxes again. This time, however, I think I’m going to leave her…the other hens lay eggs in a nest right next to her and she steals the eggs and keeps them under her, a useful trick for this time of the year when eggs freeze somewhat quickly in below zero temps. 

We’ll see how long she keeps up with this!  

I found this beer bread recipe the other day. Super delicious!  Not on the Piggery Farm website, but seeing this picture reminded me how delicious it was and wanted to share…would highly recommend!
Well, I am off to try a new pork recipe – Honey Balsamic Pork Chops.  I thought perhaps I’d get out the smoker this afternoon and try it on there…but decided to take the quicker way and make them on the stove. We’ll see if I have enough frying pans to make 6 all at one time… 🤔 

From all of here at Piggery Run Farm, with 2 feet or 4 feet,
we wish you a Happy New Year!! 😘

Naomi and the gang

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